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Mike Nyitray
GOLD Certified Coach
2012 USOC National Developmental Coach of the Year
2010 USOC National Developmental Coach of the Year
The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) National Developmental Coach of the Year is selected from all 47 sports within the USOC system; and coaches at the youth club, high school, junior level or is directly responsible for coaching athletes to the junior and/or elite level .. Click here for USOC Press Release

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2012, '11, '10, '08 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year for BOWLING

2013 USBC Joyce Deitch Unity Award recipient - View USBC Article

2009 USBC Kerm Helmer Horizon Award recipient - View USBC Article

2008 USBC David Dahms Coach of the Year - View USBC Article

Experience and success is why you should consider me to be your bowling coach. I've received numerous national coaching awards with regards to my helping countless bowlers improve -- some have even gone on to earn positions on Team USA and Junior Team USA!

My coaching style is designed to adapt to all types of bowling styles and skill levels.  Whether your average is high or low, right or left handed, my coaching techniques have proven successful with bowlers all over the world.

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has selected me as their 2012 & 2010 National Developmental Coach of the Year. This is the first time anyone from the bowling industry has received a national award from the USOC. Since the USOCs Development Coach of the Year award is open to all coaches, and that it covers every sport (47 in total) in the U.S. Olympic system, it's arguably one of the most significant coaching awards in all of sports.

In 2010, I started high school bowling in Broward County. Working with the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), together we created a high school bowling program that is a varsity sport at the state level, yet is only intramural (non-varsity) in the county. Numerous Broward County high schools have registered for bowling with the FHSAA; and there are many more to come. The 2014-15 school year not only marked the 5th season of Broward County High School Bowling, but it is also FHSAA District 15 for the second year.

Broward County high school bowling has produced the 2013 FHSAA Girls State "Singles" Champion and two girls selections to the 2013-14 USBC/Dexter All-American High School team. .To learn more about this innovative high school bowling program, click the link at the top-left of this page, or Broward County High School Bowling.

I am also the former Head Coach of Gulliver Preparatory School's boys and girls varsity bowling teams. From 2006-07 through 2009-10 (2 years as a volunteer coach and 2 years as head coach) Gulliver Prep bowlers enjoyed numerous successes. These included: 2 State Singles Titles, 1 State Academic Championship, 1 District Team Championship, and 3 District Team Runner-ups.

Since 1992, I have worked as a professional bowling coach across the country and around the world; on 4 different continents to be exact.  I have been the Head Coach of two different National teams;  Thailand in 1995 and Saudi Arabia in 1996-97. .I have also had head coaching positions in Sweden and Venezuela. .With my coaching, bowlers have gone on to win many medals and tournament titles. The ultimate coaching success came when the Thai National Bowling Team won its country's first-ever world championship GOLD medal in the '95 FIQ World Championships in Reno!  

From individual lessons to group seminars, I'm available for all types of coaching.  I can travel to any city in the United States, or any country around the world.  My clinics and seminars can be customized to target any caliber of bowler.  My specialty, however, is individualized one-on-one instruction. Whether you are new to bowling or are training for professional tournaments and/or trying to qualify for a national team, I am the best at helping you get the most out of you!

WorldMike WorkShops and Super Seminars

For the past 15 years I've hosted WorldMike WorkShops and Super Seminars throughout South Florida as well as other States across the country.  My workshops and seminars are designed to be a focused learning platform targeting various topics and skill levels.

WorldMike WorkShops are single topic coaching events that typically include one presentation lasting approximately 1 hour along with 1 or more hours of bowling.

Super Seminars can be either 1-day or 2-day events that cover up to 6 different topics.  Each presentation lasts up to1 hour along with providing up to 4 hours of bowling. Depending on the price package, each bowler may also receive a premium bowling ball..

  • 1-day Super Seminars typically consists of 3 topic presentations and 2 hours of bowling. Depending on the price package, each bowler may also receive a premium bowling ball.
  • 2-day Super Seminars includes up to 6 topic presentations and 4 hours of bowling. 
    Depending on the price package, each bowler may also receive a premium bowling ball


WorldMike's Ultimate Bowling Schools are another learning opportunity!!!

If you are interested in having me help you, contact me via E-Mail at:

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